Go to God for all your troubles. Go to God when you need a friend. Go to God for forgiveness. Go to God to find peace. Go to God for an answer.


Where is God? How do I find God?


God is everywhere. The spirit of God resides within every person and within all creation. The best place to find God is in the beauty of undefiled Creation. You will see God's smile reflected in still waters. You will hear God's song coming from a happy bird. You will feel God's warmth in the sun and hear his voice in the boom of thunder and the sounds of gentle rain falling. You will sense his majesty while looking up into the trees and watching the clouds lazily float by. In being still in the presence of the Creation you will begin a personal relationship with God. Your inner soul will feel the spirit of God and you will be blest.

When we destroy Creation we destroy a part of God and thus we destroy a part of the human spirit and human soul.

Help us keep the spirit of God alive by helping us to protect Creation for the benefit of all of God's children.

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